Fun Activities for Kids

  • Making Time For Play at Every Age

    Kids of all ages need and have a right to play – as do all other living creatures… including adults!  With play hours being sucked from a child’s day at drastic rates, it is even more important that adults ensure that children and the whole family MAKE TIME FOR PLAY.  We are raising a generation of anxious, overweight, unsocial children and play is the antidote for all of these problems. Here are some tips to keep play alive and kickin’ at any age: 0-1: Play is critical for this explosive period of brain development.  It is imperative for forming core attachments, which sets the anchor for healthy relationships. Provide lots of sensory stimulation with a variety of textures, smells, and sounds.  Belly time on the floor with interesting objects will do the trick.  And provide lots of face-to-face time with your baby. Remember that you are your baby’s mirror to the world. This is an easy one because it’s so much fun to play patty cake and peekaboo and just to giggle with your baby! 1-2: Play is all about moving at this age.  So give your little one lots of opportunity to move in big spaces that provide a […]

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  • Celebrate Purim!

    Purim is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate at Pretend City! This annual celebration includes eating sweets and treats, masquerades, costumes, and all sorts of merriment. Join us as we celebrate Purim with fun activities throughout the day! Cooking up Cultures: Take an imaginative visit to a kosher bakery to see thousands of hamantashen, the preferred Purim treat, being prepared. See what goes into making these treats before tasting the delectable delights! Smart Art: Go wild with your imagination and decorate your own gragger. These noisemakers are an important part of the Purim holiday. Sensational Story time: What happens When It’s Purim? Families who would like to share the heritage or introduce their children to this festival will appreciate this engaging story time. Our closing parade will also get a fun Purim twist! Visit the art studio to make your very own masks to dress up your costume for the parade at 4:50p.m. Want to know more about the Jewish holiday, Purim? Check out the cool infographic below to learn more about the history and traditions of this holiday.

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  • 5 Easy Tips to Engage Your Kids in Science

    Inspire your children to love science! Pretend City was happy to contribute to OC Register‘s Family Tips section on Tuesday, July 8. Our Senior Director of Education, Linda Hunter, provided 5 easy tips to engage your kids in science. The article appeared in the OC Family Section, titled “Five fun ways to teach kids about science and more.” The article lists five easy and fun things you can do to integrate STEM education into your child’s play. Explore the outdoors Watch a science-oriented TV program together Engineer and build together Recycle your “trash” into something creative. Get inspired by visiting our Ultimate Recycling Machine. USe your child’s next health check up as an opportunity to talk about human health. The article expands on each tip with examples on how to integrate STEM into your child’s play. Try out these 5 tips this summer, and let us know how they worked for your family. We’d love to hear from you! If you are on OC Register subscriber, click here to read the article on OC Register’s website. Log-in is required.  Not an OC Register subscriber? Click here to read a PDF of the article.   

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  • Under the deep blue sea!

    Special Newport Landing Whale Watching activities every week! During the month of July, our Partner in Play, Newport Landing Whale Watching, will be at Pretend City every Wednesday at 11:00a.m. to lead a special activity! Children and grown-ups will delight in learning about the different sea creatures that live on our California coast. There’s so much to see and learn under the deep blue sea! Today, our partners had a special “All Aboard” activity where children got to go on a whale watching adventure. Newport Landing Whale Watching showed us video of different sea creatures jumping and swimming in the ocean. Equipped with binoculars, children were able to see different types of whales and even a great white shark!   Upcoming Partner in Play Days with Newport Landing Whale Watching: July 9:  Sea Lion Shenanigans July 16: Biggest Animal Ever July 23:  Litter for Lunch July 30: Deep Blue Sea Life  

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  • Try a Free Demo of the Pretend City Playgroups!

    Interested in joining Pretend City’s Play’s the Way Playgroup? Try it out by joining a free demo. Simply check-in at the Front Desk on the day of the demo to participate. Each demo will give you a glimpse of the various activities done during  circle time, as well as some play time on the museum floor. Please join the playgroup demo that best matches your child’s age. This will create a better environment for all of our participants. PC Pretenders Demo (Members Only 2- 3 years) June 27th at 9:15 – 11:15am Fabulous Four Demo June 27th at 3:00 – 5:00pm Young Toddler Demo (18 – 24 months) July 1st at 3:30 – 5:00pm Terrific Two Demo July 2nd at 3:00 – 5:00pm Thriving Three Demo July 3rd at 3:00 – 5:00pm Please note that we are expecting a higher number of participants for our demo classes than is permitted. Playgroups will have a maximum of 8 – 12 children in each group during the 6 week program. For more information about each playgroup, click here.

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